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    The induction motor drive has many applications like it is used in fans, blowers, mill run-out tables, cranes conveyers, traction, etc. The induction motor drive is self-starting, or we can say when the supply is given to the motor, it starts rotating without any external supply.

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    Motors considered are the squirrel cage motor, wound rotor motor, and synchronous motor. One important advantage of the synchronous motor is the possible correcting of power factor within your operation, through its use. When using a synchronous motor we recommend having 200% starting torque, 120% to 130% pull-in torque, and 225% pull-out torque.

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    For large mills requiring variable speed, the wound rotor motor and SER drive are economical for a total rating of approximately 2MW to 16MW. Above 16MW, the gearless drive (cyclo-converter) is typically used because gearboxes and pinion gears reach their present limit in size.

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    KECL Manufacture of wound rotor induction motors with Low Voltage, Rerolling Mill Duty Motor, Non corrosive & non hazardous in nature.


    characteristics of a wound rotor motor can be altered and controlled through the addition of resistances to the rotor circuit. Whilst one of the more common methods for starting wound rotor motors is the multi-stage secondary resistance starter, it is understood the resistors can generate substantial amounts of …

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    Ball MILL drive motor choices666 Кб. In more recent times the wound rotor motor with the liquid rheostat has come into use in North America whenThis solution meets the requirements of all gear trains on the market for ball mills..at motor 7.4% at motor starter Table 3 Voltage Drops from Nominal The mill can be started easily with...

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    ball mill wound rotor motor starting ball mill wound rotor motor starting ball mill drive motor choices Artec Machine Systems. ball mills, the starting torque restrictions of some of the newer mill drive ...

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    Figure 4: typical SAG mill motor drive equipment. Since such drives Figure 3: one of two wound rotor motors for a 10,000kW SAG mill ICR SEPTEMBER 2009. are in volume production at this time, support should be available for years to come. Getting renewal parts for older thyristor based SPR drive …

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    why it is used wound rotor motor in cement mills in Iraq ... Wound-Rotor Motor Of 3-phase ac induction motor: ac motors, ac … Wound-Rotor Motor Of 3-phase ac induction motor. The slip-ring motor (or wound-rotor motor) … » Learn More. wound rotor motor mill drives - Zenith. wound rotor motor mill drives.

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    easily. Wound rotor motors also can develop high starting torque at standstill - while maintaining low inrush. Long motor life is ensured with the use of external resistor banks or liquid rheostats that dissipate heat build-up generated during motor start-up. What makes the wound rotor motor a unique induction machine is its rotor. Instead of a ...

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    Altivar variable frequency drives may be used to operate wound-rotor motors. Most wound-rotor motors are used where high starting torque is required so an Altivar 312, Altivar 32 or Altivar 71 drive would be most suitable for this application. The wound-rotor motors use resistor to connect the rotor …

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    In fact the rotor of the ring motor is the mill itself and the stator is built around the mill shell. This is also the reason why the ring motor is also known as wrap-around motor. 9 12 6 18 36 ... Fixed speed drives, with wound rotor motors or synchronous machines, were the common way of turning mills in earlier times. Even

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    AC Magnetic Motor Controls Euclid AC controllers are for use with new or existing wound rotor or squirrel cage motor drives. Depending on model and type, they are ideal for motor primary or secondary controls, eddy current brake hoists, counter torque hoists, lift bridges and other large machines.

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    A wound rotor motor is a variation of the three-phase induction motor, designed to provide high starting torque for loads with high inertia, while requiring very low current. Wound rotor motors are also referred to as "slip ring motors."


    Motor The GMD is a drive system without any gear where the transmission of the torque between the motor and the mill is done through the magnetic field in the air gap between the motor stator and the motor rotor. The concept to drive the mill this way is relatively simple using the mill body as motor rotor and mounting the poles there.

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    75kW Slip Ring Fed Wound Rotor Motor Control - For Steel Rolling Mill MCW were asked to produce a control system for 75kW slip ring fed, wound rotor induction motor that was being used to drive a steel rolling mill via a Radicon gearbox.

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    WHAT WE DO: Drives. The Secondary Resistive Controller is a combination of hardware and software that controls the speed of the wound rotor motor and its torque characteristics.

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    ago a small number of drives were variable speed; most installed motors were fixed speed. Eighty percent of the variable speed solutions were accomplished with DC drives and the rest were based on the slip energy recovery system with a wound rotor motor or AC drives. Faster

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    tion squirrel cage, wound rotor, and synchronous motors, a wide variety of stock motors and low voltage drives, motor control centers, genuine Westinghouse renewal parts, and motor repair services are the foundation upon which you can build an industry.

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    the rotor is powered. A wound-rotor synchronous motor is equipped with a system of slip rings and brushes. The slip rings are attached to the rotor shaft, and the stationary brushes contact them and are wired to the external supply. This arrangement is more trouble-free than the DC brush-commutator combina-tion. Since the slip rings, unlike the

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    Dear all, i have task to change two motor drives of wound rotor type with new VFD drives, data about old drives is given in atachments, i need some sugestions which drives should be good for …

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    Feb 07, 2008· vfd on slip ring "wound rotor" motors - posted in Variable Speed Drives: I am involved in converting a ball mill, which requires a large amount of starting torque, from a slip ring motor driven application to a vfd driven appl. .

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    Several types of ball mill drives can be furnished, Motors considered are the squirrel cage motor, wound rotor motor, and synchronous motor. vfd on slip ring "wound rotor" motors - Variable … Feb 07, 2008· vfd on slip ring "wound rotor" motors - posted in Variable Speed Drives: I am involved in converting a ball mill, vfd on slip ring ...

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    Wound-rotor motors They are designed for use in applications where smooth drive startup is required (cranes, conveyors, etc.). In the current climate, the trend is to combine a standard squirrel-cage motor with a control start component, such as a soft starter or, more often, a frequency inverter.

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    The maximum starting torque capability of a wound rotor motor is determined at the time of design by the characteristics of both the motor rotor winding and the resistors that vary the current in the rotor winding. A wound rotor motor can be designed to develop a starting torque up to …

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    In the RMD fsd (fixed speed drive) solution, standard products like wound rotor induction motors and liquid resistor starters are used in order to smoothly ramp-up the mill and run it at constant speed throughout the entire operation.

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    the wound rotor motor was preferred. In the late 1950s, when mills approached 2500 HP, the center drive mill arrangement with the enclosed geared drive using a high-speed synchronous motor became quite popular. In more recent times the wound rotor motor with the liquid rheostat has come into use in

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    A wound-rotor motor can be used in several forms of adjustable-speed drive. Certain types of variable-speed drives recover slip-frequency power from the rotor circuit and feed it back to the supply, allowing wide speed range with high energy efficiency.