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    Spent acid and/or hydrogen sulfide is decomposed by combusting the spent acid and hydrogen sulfide gases in a decomposition furnace. This produces SO 2 gas. Fuel is burned along with the spent acid in the combustion chamber, to achieve the required decomposition temperature.

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    The sulfuric acid solution used for de-rusting steel becomes "spent" when the iron impurities reach a level that begins to slow the pickling process. The Sulfuric Acid Recovery System continuously recycles acid by removing these impurities and maintaining a high quality, high speed pickling solution, thus never allowing iron levels that will ...

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    The pickling process generates a considerable quantity of spent pickle liquor (SPL) containing the dissolved metal salts of Iron, Chromium, Copper, Nickel and Zinc as well as residual free acid.

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    lena dahlgren treatment of spent pickling acid from stainless steel production a review of regeneration technologies with focus on the neutralisation process for implementation in chinese industry presented at industrial ecology royal institute of technology


    • dilution of the phosphoric acid and high evaporation costs, • mechanical problems, resin degradation and large physical size. The reciprocating flow ion exchange or "RECOFLO" process has been used effectively and economically for the recovery of phosphoric bright dip solutions since 1980.

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    May 11, 2017· Spent Acid, Spent Acid Suppliers and Manufacturers at the equation for the recovery of copper from a sulfide ore it. Spent Vehicle Lead Acid Battery Recovery Production Line . Gypsum Sodium Sulphide Flyash Copper Slag Spent Sulphuric Acid Copper Scrap.

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    Fig. 10 presents a schematic of the whole process developed for the recovery of raw materials from exhausted pickling solutions; ... A. Agrawal, K.K. SahuAn overview of the recovery of acid from spent acidic solutions from steel and electroplating industries.

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    In the fluidized bed acid regeneration process, the spent pickle liquor is thermally decomposed to convert the spent acid into hydrochloric acid and iron oxide at a high temperature in the presence of water vapor and oxygen as per equation (Eq.

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    Bipolar electrodialysis technology has the ability to recover acid from the spent acid for reuse in process. Almost no effluent is produced because all the streams generated during the BED process can be reused. Nitric acid recovery and Hydrofluoric acid recovery …

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    Process flowsheet description of spent sulfuric acid regeneration: Spent sulfuric acid contains metals, salts and organic compounds, and even after through treatments and washing their presence will disqualify in the quality control test for reuse of spent acid in the process.

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    It minimizes the need to neutralize, hauling of waste acid and reduces water consumption. It also produces a saleable iron oxide as by product. The spray pyrohydrolysis ARP technology is a proven and established since many years. The process regenerates HCl from pickling lines with 99% recovery rate.

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    Spent solutions of hydrochloric and nitric acids contributed significantly to the hazardous waste stream. These solutions were generated from stripping and pickling operations. Prior to acid recovery, spent nitric acid solutions, rich in nickel metal, were drummed and disposed of off site as hazardous waste.

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    Figure 1: Beta Control's Hydrochloric Acid Recovery System. Description of Process A centrifugal pump forces the spent hydrochloric acid through a pre-filter and into the evaporator loop, comprised of the main exchanger and the separator. In the evaporator loop, the spent acid is heated to vaporization.

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    Acid Regeneration for Spent Hydrochloric Pickle Liquor Pickling is a process which consists of chemical removal of scale (surface oxides) and other dirt from steel by immersion in aqueous acid solution.During the pickling process, acid reacts with scale as well as base steel to …

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    Spent nitric acid from the hydroxylamine production process contains nitrous acid. Our nitric acid denitration process removes the nitrous acid as NOx, which can then be returned to the originating process or recovered as weak nitric acid.


    acid product 2. Downstroke spent acid spent acid water Figure 1: APU Operating Cycle 3. IMPROVED FLOW DISTRIBUTION Since in the acid retardation process only a relatively small volume of acid can be treated during each sorption cycle, the challenge lies first of all, in minimizing the amount of water employed for the elution

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    The sulfite process produces wood pulp which is almost pure cellulose fibers by using various salts of sulfurous acid to extract the lignin from wood chips in large pressure vessels called digesters. The salts used in the pulping process are either sulfites (SO 3 2−), or bisulfites (HSO 3 −), depending on the pH.

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    Figure 13 - Typical Hydrochloric Acid Recovery Process 52 . 4 1. What Is Steel Pickling ... In the past, fuel and water were cheap, spent acid disposal was easy, and wastage was not very important, but in just the past few years many increased and extra costs have developed, for

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    The Phenolic NB system is a two part air-setting system consisting of an aqueous resole resin (pt1) and an acid based Hardner (pt2). This process is particularly suitable for production of individual heavy castings of steel, gray iron & ductile iron.

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    Spent acid regeneration and production of sulfuric acid. The WSA process can also be used for production of sulfuric acid from sulfur burning or for regeneration of the spent acid …

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    A process for the recovery of palladium from spent activated carbon-supported palladium catalysts was described. Palladium was extracted from the matrix of the spent catalyst with an acid mixture of dilute hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Palladium was precipitated from …

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    Sulfuric Acid Recovery. Phoenix Systems, Inc. manufactures highly-efficient and cost-effective sulfuric acid recovery systems. Our exclusive "Phoenix Cold Process" effectively removes more iron from the spent pickling liquor than conventional acid recovery system processes.

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    the electrolytic refining process, by-products such as gold and silver are collected as slimes and are subsequently recovered. Sources of waste-water include spent electrolytic baths, slimes recovery, spent acid from hydrometallurgy pro-cesses, cooling water, air scrubbers, wash downs, and stormwater. Pollutants include dissolved

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    Acid Treatment • New Acid Treatment was essential for any restart of our TNT facilities • SCCO2 extraction fits well with existing process • Can be used for different processes with no modification • Demonstrated partition coefficient and obtained IP Nitration process Nitric acid recovery SCCO2 Extraction NAC/SAC Organic saturated spent ...

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    The acid regeneration or spent acid recovery process is designed to regenerate or recover sulphuric acid from a variety of spent acids containing a varying degree of contaminants. A typical sulphuric acid regeneration plant consists of three major components: 1.

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    Phoenix Systems, Inc. was established in 1995 as a design-and-build manufacturer of sulfuric acid recovery systems. We design our equipment recognizing that sulfuric acid recovery is the first stage of process optimization.

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    Recovery and concentration is possible in this case. The acid is pre-heated and fed into a stripping column, which removes the organic material using steam. The acid is then vacuum distilled to concentrate it. Important features in the process designed by Kvaerner Chemetics are:

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